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Our Vision

More than 10 years ago we had a vision: to empower and nurture the human spirit.
That gave us our mission: to make outplacement outcome driven.

We know what
recruiters want

Our senior leadership holds 40+ years experience in executive recruiting for Fortune 500 companies.

We have helped employees just like yours - working directly with transitioning workforces at the enterprise level, providing individuals with career transition support in all career levels and industries.

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Proven process with a team that cares

At each step of the career transition journey, your employees are supported by a caring team member dedicated to their success. Each member of our career transition team has experience working with clients in all industries and career levels.

This unique know-how allows us to harness the potential found in transitioning workforces and effectively communicate that value to their future employers.

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Step by Step Process
Guarantees Results

All career transition services are driven by our Goal + Outcome
approach to ensure your employees find outplacement success.

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7.24 Weeks From
Layoff to Landing
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